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The cheapest renewable energy for everyone

Tidalys is a technology based company which designs and introduce onto the market revolutionary turnkey tidal turbines, enabling our partners to deliver renewable energy at lowest costs and in full respect of our environment.


Tidalys aims at delivering the cheapest and cleanest renewable energy worldwide in order to make green energy available to everyone.

In order to achieve its ambition, Tidalys has developped unique tunrkey tidal turbines.

The Tidalys team combines a comprehensive mix of managerial and technical experiences powered by a large set of competencies.


Tidal energy uses the cyclic variations in the level of the seas and oceans caused by the gravitational forces due to the movement of the moon around the earth. Therefore, tidal energy is an infinite, highly predictable and clean energy source.

Tidal energy market is yet embryonic. Nevertheless, it is expected to demonstrate a significant growth in the next years and thus represents sound alternative to other renewable energies such as wind energy, solar energy and biomass.

Game Changer

The breakthrough of Tidalys in the total cost of ownership, based on increased performance of its technology and the reduction of the installation and maintenance cost by using a stable and floating platform, will boost the spread and use of Tidal turbines.

With this unique performance, Tidalys is able to produce the world’s cheapest tidal energy, the world’s cheapest renewable energy and be among the ‘cheapest and cleanest’ energy sources overall.

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