Dutch Expansion Capital invests in Tidalys

Dutch Expansion Capital (DEC), announced its investment in Tidalys, a French provider of breakthrough tidal energy turbines, awarded as most innovative startup in 2012.

Caen, Eindhoven, December 13th 2012

Today Dutch Expansion Capital (DEC), an independent investment firm located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, announced its investment in Tidalys, a French provider of breakthrough tidal energy turbines, awarded as most innovative startup in 2012.

Tidalys’ revolutionary floating tidal energy turbine, featuring auto alignment capabilities, enables continuous energy harvesting from marine currents. While wind energy is subject to uncertain wind conditions, tidal energy is constant and highly predictable. Extensive research indicates considerable untapped global potential of tidal energy at -so called- hotspots. The French coastline at the Normandy region, called ‘Raz Blanchard’, is such hotspot having one of the most favorable current conditions for tidal energy harvesting in Europe. The Tidalys turbine generates clean energy at half of the costs compared to off shore windmills without causing similar horizon pollution. In addition, maintenance, installation and purchasing costs of Tidalys are significantly lower due to the easy to access floating structure with all electrical components above the water surface.

“The tidal energy market is expected to grow fast during the next decade and Tidalys is well positioned to take a leading role and become a life changing company”, said Eric van den Eijnden, CEO of Dutch Expansion Capital. “The novel turbine enables clean energy at considerable lower costs compared to off shore wind energy at an significantly smaller sea surface area and lower investment. Compared to conventional power plants it offers a much cleaner solution reaching price points similar to nuclear energy at much lower investment, environmental impact and faster payback time”, he added.

In an event organized by the President of Basse-Normandy, Mr. Laurent Beauvais, the Tidalys team and its co-founders DEC and DEC France articulated their plans to accelerate the company to global leadership and highlighted the opportunity to create the world’s first high performance tidal energy farm powered by Tidalys.

About Dutch Expansion Capital (DEC):

DEC is an independent private investment firm, located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, providing expansion capital and hands on operational support to fast growing sustainable companies. info@dutchexpansioncapital.nl - www.dutchexpansioncapital.nl

About DEC France:

DEC France, managed by Mr. David Lelouvier having offices in Paris and Caen, provides co-entrepreneurial services to innovative startups in France. DEC France is a subsidiary of DEC.

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