Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Tidalys has developed a novel range of tidal turbines with a simple and effective design which delivers a breakthrough in increasing performance and decreasing the total cost of ownership. Already in the scale prototype stage, Tidalys outperforms other renewable sources by delivering outstanding performances.

These breakthroughs are achieved because of the main characteristics of the Tidalys tidal turbines:
  •     Floating and auto aligned devices in order to achieve all time optimization of energy generation;
  •     Relative low weight and use of high tech materials (such as carbon fiber) reducing device cost;
  •     Ease of installation and connection to the grid without the need of specific barge nor intervention of divers;
  •     Ease of maintenance and repair in order to reduce operational costs;
  •     Easy access to electrical components on the surface of the water increasing reliability of the device;
  •     A highly efficient rotor resulting in high energy production;
  •     An off the shelf highly reliable power train.

Our comprehensive range of scalable products is suitable for various current speeds and bathymetric specifcities. In that respect, we have designed our two tidal turbines Electrimar1800® and Electrimar4200® presenting a nominal power of 1.8MW and 4.2MW respectively.


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